How to Stake Terra ( LUNA)

In this guide, you will be able to learn how to Create a Wallet and Stake LUNAs on Terra Station.

  1. Download the Terra Station at

2. Click on Sign In

3. Choose Sign Up.

4. Input Account Name, Password. Please copy/write down your seed and maintain it in a secure location (this can be used to recover your wallet/account). Click on Create an account.

5. Send Luna to the newly created Luna address in your Terra Station wallet.

6. After you log into your Terra Station Wallet, click Staking tab to view the list of the validators.

7. Choose a validator, let's say you picked us, 🌐 KysenPool.

8. Click on Delegate.

9. Enter an amount of LUNA to delegate. And click on Next.

10. Confirm your delegation with Password. Click on the Delegate button.

11. Congratulations! You've just staked LUNA to a validator.

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